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Times Where a Fluoride Treatment Would Not Be Recommended

Posted on 2/15/2019 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Times Where a Fluoride Treatment Would Not Be RecommendedFluoride is a natural mineral that helps to prevent cavities and promote the development of healthy teeth. Fluoride treatment prevents tooth decay by boosting a tooth resistance against sugars, plague bacteria, and acid attacks.

Sodium fluoride varnish is applied evenly to the tooth using special dental equipment on-site. However, there are certain times when fluoride treatment is not recommended.

If a Person's Teeth are Naturally Resistant

Fluoride treatment should not be done on a person whose teeth are naturally resistant to tooth decay and other dental problems. That means if the teeth already have enough fluoride content you don't need to undergo this treatment or use fluoridated toothpaste.

Children Under the Age of 6 Years
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, fluoride treatment should only be done on children who are under the age of six years under strict monitoring. This is because overuse or excess application of fluoride increases the risk of enamel fluorosis.

What is Enamel Fluorosis?

This is a developmental condition whereby the tooth enamel appears as white spots or lines on the teeth. It increases the risk of children suffering from tooth decay.

Gum recession in adults results in a significant portion of the tooth's root surface being exposed. The exposed surface is usually softer and more prone to decay. Fluoride treatment helps to protect these areas from decay by adding another layer of protection on the enamel.

Cancer patients who undergo regular radiation treatment can also benefit from fluoride application. The radiation often damages saliva glands thereby reducing the amount of saliva in the mouth.

Less saliva increases the risk of tooth decay, but fortunately, this can be avoided through fluoride treatment. Call our support team to learn more about fluoride treatment and the other dental care services that we offer.

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