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What Happens When You Do Not Use Enough Toothpaste?

Posted on 5/20/2019 by Platte Valley Dental Care
What Happens When You Do Not Use Enough Toothpaste?Let's face it. For a lot of adults, this is not a problem. In fact, we tend to overuse toothpaste, and spread bubbles and foam everywhere in the hopes that all of our teeth will be clean and fresh. While many of us are over users of toothpaste, some of us don't use enough. What happens when you don't use enough toothpaste? Keep reading to find out.

What Is the Right Toothpaste Amount?

For most healthy adults with healthy mouths, your toothbrush should be halfway full of toothpaste. If you overload your toothbrush, your mouth may fill up with foam, which may make you stop brushing sooner than the two-minute goal. Some adults need less toothpaste than ½ a brush.

If you have gum disease already or receding gums, you need less toothpaste, because too much toothpaste will only aggravate your gums. People with mouth ulcers (canker sores) need less toothpaste as well, because toothpaste can aggravate mouth ulcers. Adults with exposed tooth roots should also use less than ½ a brush full.

The Benefits Of Toothpaste

That being said, toothpaste is a powerful ally for your teeth. It helps your brush to clean off plaque and food residue from your teeth. If you do not use enough toothpaste, you make it more difficult for your toothbrush to do its job. For example, many people think that if they use no toothpaste, they are saving money, since it is the toothbrush that does all the action.

However, it is important to add a powerful cleaner to your brushing routine, because that helps the brush to brush as way as much plaque and food residue as possible. It is the food particles stuck on your teeth which provide food for teeth-eating bacteria to make holes in your teeth- and no one wants that.

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