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Do Allergies Impact Your Oral Health?

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Do Allergies Impact Your Oral Health?If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how miserable they can be. A runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes can make you uncomfortable all day, but did you know that your allergies could also affect your oral health? These are some of the ways that your allergies could be impacting your mouth.

Aching Teeth

When you suffer from seasonal allergies, mucus will accumulate in your sinuses. The result may be pain in your face. Since the maxillary sinuses – the largest in your body – are found above your mouth, when pressure builds up, the upper molars will also feel pressure. The result may be the sensation of a toothache, and you could experience sensitivity to hot and cold.

So, how do you know if your toothache is a result of a cavity or your seasonal allergies? Well, try some antihistamines and see if they bring any relief. If they do, the tooth pain is likely a result of allergies and not decay.

Dry Mouth

When your nose is stuffy or runny, you may turn to mouth breathing. Not only is this annoying, but it can also lead to a condition known as dry mouth. When you are forced to breath through your mouth, your mouth will dry out, and antihistamines can further exacerbate the problem. A well-lubricated mouth full of saliva is necessary to keep the teeth clean and rinse away bacteria, so dry mouth could put you at risk for decay.

Protecting Your Teeth

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it is important to protect your mouth. Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth well-lubricated and to stay hydrated. Gargling with saltwater periodically can also help to remove mucus from the sinuses, which can relieve pressure.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and have oral symptoms, please contact us today for a checkup. We'll determine the best way to protect your mouth despite your allergies.

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