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How Teeth Crack from Bruxism

Posted on 8/15/2019 by Platte Valley Dental Care
How Teeth Crack from BruxismBruxism is the medical term for grinding your teeth, and it can have some serious consequences for your oral health. Bruxism often occurs at night, so you may not even realize that you're grinding your teeth as much as you are.

You may only have one obvious sign that you're suffering from bruxism, a sore jaw, but then something worse happens: a tooth cracks!

Teeth Are Under a lot of Pressure

Grinding your teeth at night does more than make your jaw sore. It actually damages your teeth in a few different ways. First, as your teeth grind against each other throughout the night, the enamel starts to wear away. If you're heavily grinding your teeth every night, it doesn't take long for these layers of protective enamel to get worn to the point that they're not helpful at all.

Second, the pressure of your teeth pressing against each other puts more stress on each tooth. In the beginning, this stress may not affect the teeth as much because they're protected by strong enamel, but as the enamel is worn away, the teeth can't handle the pressure. If you continue to heavily grind your teeth at night, it can actually cause some of them to start cracking!

Look for Lines or Fractures
One of the signs of serious bruxism is stress lines or fractures in your teeth. If you look at your teeth and can see any little lines or cracks in them, you need to call us right away. These lines can easily become large cracks, and that can cause a number of major dental issues. If the crack is deep enough, it can also leave the root of the tooth exposed to bacteria. That will also likely cause you to be in a lot of pain!

Don't hesitate to call us if you believe you're suffering from bruxism or if you see stress lines in your teeth. We'll get you in as quickly as we can and come up with a plan for dealing with your tooth grinding.

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