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Why Wait After Eating Before You Brush?

Posted on 9/15/2019 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Why Wait After Eating Before You Brush?Many people think that brushing as soon as you eat is something that should be done. However, our dentists recommend that you wait at least thirty minutes or more after you've eaten food or consumed a sugary drink.

Brushing is definitely something that everyone should do, twice a day, every day. However, brushing right after you have consumed something, especially something sugary or acidic is not recommended by our office. Here's why.

Why Should You Wait to Brush?

When you brush immediately after eating or drinking, it can cause the acid that you consumed to ruin the enamel and outside of the teeth. It is important to brush to remove any debris, bacteria, sugar, or anything else that might be left behind from what you eat or drink, but we recommend that you wait at least thirty minutes, if not a bit more before brushing. This will reduce the chances of having the acid ruin the outside of the teeth, providing a cleaner, better smile.

The acid that forms on the outside of the teeth is something that causes further issues. This acid is not something that you want to continue to deal with, so rinse with water if you want to wash out your mouth, do not brush with toothpaste.

Always maintain the best smile possible with the right brushing habits, as well as regular cleanings and exams from our office. We do our best to ensure that any bacteria and build up is removed so you can continue to smile with ease, but also have the cleanliness you want.

It is important to speak with us regarding the cleanings or exams that are needed. We can provide you with the essential information to ensure that you maintain a healthier, better looking smile. Our dentists can also provide more tips and tricks to help you better care for your smile. Call us today to set something up.

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