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Could Changing Your Toothpaste Flavor Improve Your Oral Health?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Could Changing Your Toothpaste Flavor Improve Your Oral Health?Some people do not like the flavor of regular fluoride toothpaste. They tell us they think it tastes too medicinal. In other words, they are hinting about their reason for not brushing. Therefore, some people actually improve their oral health when they change to a toothpaste that is more minty or more palatable.

How Toothpaste Is Made and How It Is Flavored

A toothpaste is made with an abrasive, such as hydrated silica, calcium carbonate, or baking soda. Each abrasive cleans differently and a combination of abrasives might be used in the end product. Sudsers in toothpaste are also called surfactants. Sodium lauryl is an example of a surfactant. Humectants make the toothpaste's paste. Any flavor that is added makes the toothpaste taste better. The most common flavor used is mint, as it freshens the mouth. Mint volatizes the warm environment inside the mouth and cools it.

What Are the Most Common Toothpaste Flavors?

The most common flavorings used in toothpaste include wintergreen, peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon. Manufacturers also make toothpaste in more exotic flavors, such as caraway, eucalyptus, thyme, nutmeg, rye, clove, and anise. These alternative flavors, however, may be added to toothpastes not approved by the ADA. In some cases, the exotic-flavored toothpastes may not contain fluoride. If you have switched your toothpaste to one that tastes better, you need to make sure it is recommended by dentists.

You can improve your dental health if you replace your toothpaste for a better-tasting brand. You just have to check the other ingredients and make sure it is ADA approved. Otherwise, changing to a new flavor may not improve your oral health. If you need any recommendations on toothpaste or toothbrushes, give us a call. We want to be the go-to resource for all your dental questions and concerns. Give us a call now to schedule an appointment for a checkup and cleaning.

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