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Talking Gets Limited When You Have Missing Teeth

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Talking Gets Limited When You Have Missing TeethHaving missing teeth is something most of us can say we don't want to happen! While many think about the aesthetic effects of having a visual gap in your smile, it also has a negative functional effect. Today, we are discussing how teeth play an important role in your speech and how missing teeth affect your ability to pronounce words.

Your Teeth Are As Important As Your Tongue For Speech

The lips, tongue, and teeth all work together to enable you to speak both fluently and effortlessly. If you take just one of these things away, speaking becomes incredibly difficult- and to other people you will sound off. Try saying the word “the” without using your front teeth and you will immediately come to a roadblock; it truly brings to light how much of our speech relies on teeth!

That one word responsible for many complete sentences would be impossible or very difficult to say without one of the 3 key parts of your mouth, so you can imagine how the other words would go! We use our front teeth so much that when they are gone, it is like our world is flipped upside down.

Other Consequences Of Missing Teeth

There are other problems associated with missing teeth such as difficulty eating, making it a good idea to get it treated with replacements. If nothing else, it is important to know that missing teeth can lead to other teeth falling out down due to the weakened structure that keeps other teeth in place. It's best to put a stop to any future losses!

If you have experienced loss of teeth due to impact or oral health-related reasons, we can help you get your smile back! Don't hesitate to give us a call and book an appointment. From there we can discuss the types of tooth replacements that work best for you.

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