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How Chewing on Ice Can Damage Your Gums

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Platte Valley Dental Care
How Chewing on Ice Can Damage Your GumsThroughout the summer months when the weather is at its hottest, many people enjoy eating ice and adding it into their drinks. Chewing on ice has become a habit for many people, but along with other hard foods, it can cause a lot of damage. Eating ice to cool down may be enjoyable, but the effects it is potentially having on your teeth and gums may be serious.

Dental Problems

Ice may be great for cooling you down and making your drinks refreshing in the hot weather, but chewing on ice cubes is not recommended for maintaining good oral health. If you regularly chew ice cubes over a long period, it can be putting you at risk of increased sensitivity to colder temperatures, causing you unnecessary oral pain. Sensitive teeth can cause excessive oral pain and can be difficult to treat.

In addition to your teeth being more sensitive over time, you can also be causing a lot of damage. Hard foods can cause problems for your oral health depending on how frequently you consume them.

If you chew ice often, you will be putting yourself at higher risk of damaging your gums. Damaged gums can result in suffering from serious dental issues such as gum infection. Whether you are eating ice cubes or crushed up ice, ice is sharp and hard to bite which causes damage to your teeth and gums as you bite down.

Bottom Line

Overall, chewing on ice can lead to not only problems for your gums, but also your teeth and the effects can be extensive. Dental patients who consume ice frequently are risking damage to their tooth enamel which may result in needing root canal treatment if it goes unnoticed, as well as causing teeth to crack. Call our office today to book your routine check-up.

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