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Bad Breath
Platte City, MO

Your smile is a major factor in the impressions that you leave with those around you. Perfectly straight, white, blemish-free teeth can leave an incredible impression. Even if your teeth are perfect though, the quality of your smile and the impressions you leave can be negatively impacted by bad breath. While bad breath can often be caused by certain types of foods such as onions and garlic, it can also have other causes that can make it difficult to eliminate. At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can help to diagnose the cause of your bad breath and provide you with the treatment you need.

Poor Oral Hygiene

One major contributor to bad breath is poor oral hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing are essential for eliminating plaque, bacteria, food particles, and other debris from your mouth. When you ignore your oral hygiene routine, these substances can quickly build up in your mouth, leading to bad breath.

Poor oral hygiene can also lead to issues such as cavities and gum disease, both of which also contribute to bad breath. Cavities collect bacteria, which cannot be effectively removed from your teeth. When you have gum disease, your gums begin to swell. Swollen tissue eventually begins to pull away from your teeth, leading to the formation of periodontal pockets. These pockets can then begin collecting plaque, bacteria, and other debris, all of which cannot be removed no matter how much you brush and floss.

Tobacco Products

Tobacco products, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, and others, all contain numerous harmful chemicals, including tar and nicotine. These chemicals can build up in your mouth, which leads to bad breath. Tobacco products also increase the stickiness of plaque, which allows more bacteria to accumulate.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is a condition in which there is not enough saliva in your mouth. This can be caused by many different issues, including using tobacco products, excessive alcohol consumption, certain types of medications, and certain medical conditions. Saliva plays many important roles in your mouth. It helps to begin the process of digestion. It kills and washes away bacteria. It neutralizes acids. It also keeps your mouth moist. When you do not have enough saliva, it does more than just leave your mouth feeling tacky. It provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Food particles and dead cells linger in your mouth, decomposing. All of these issues can lead to chronic bad breath.

Treatments for Bad Breath

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, there are treatments available. Treatments include:
•  Improving your oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing and flossing every day as well as having your teeth professionally cleaned and examined twice a year.
•  Having oral health issues, including cavities and gum disease, treated right away.
•  Quitting the use of tobacco products and reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption.
•  Drinking plenty of water.
•  Speaking with your doctor. If your bad breath is medical or medication related, you will need to speak with your doctor to get the appropriate treatment.

Bad breath that just will not go away needs to be addressed right away. We can diagnose the cause of your bad breath and provide you with the appropriate treatment. In improving your breath, we can help to boost your confidence. Call Platte Valley Dental Care at (816)858-2027 to schedule your consultation today.

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At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can help to diagnose the cause of your bad breath and provide you with the treatment you need. Click here to learn more.
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