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Chipped, Cracked, and Worn Teeth
Platte City, MO

A smiling woman who had a chipped tooth repaired at Platte Valley Dental Care in Platte City, MO
Your teeth are the strongest substance in your body. While they can stand up to a substantial amount of daily use, they can still be faced with serious issues. Facial trauma, biting down on something too hard, and bruxism can cause your teeth to chip, crack, or wear down. Not only can these issues affect the quality of your smile, but they can also seriously impact your oral health as well. At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can treat chipped, cracked, and worn teeth, restoring your smile and your oral health while also boosting your confidence.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a treatment used to correct minor flaws in your teeth, including small chips and cracks that affect the enamel layer of your teeth. Bonding uses composite resin, a material made up of fine glass, plastic, and other substances. The material is incredibly versatile and can effectively fill in cracks and chips of all different shapes. It is also tooth-colored, which allows it to blend in perfectly with the color of your natural teeth.


Veneers are another treatment used to treat minor cosmetic flaws in your teeth, including small chips and cracks. They can also restore length to worn teeth. This treatment uses thin shells, made from either composite resin or porcelain, which are bonded to the front surfaces of the affected teeth. These shells effectively cover over imperfections in your teeth, completely transforming the appearance of your smile. Both composite resin and porcelain veneers are tooth-colored. However, porcelain also reflects light just like tooth enamel. This helps to provide a more realistic appearance. Porcelain is also stronger and has a longer lifespan.


Crowns can be used to treat more significant chips and cracks, as well as worn teeth. Crowns are small cap-like restorations that cover over the entire visible surface areas of the affected teeth. They aid in preventing further damage to the teeth as well as preventing infections. They also provide strength for the teeth, allowing them to function normally. Crowns can be made from many different types of materials, including metal, porcelain fused to metal, and ceramic.

Metal crowns provide the greatest strength but are the most noticeable because of their gold or silver color. Ceramic crowns, on the other hand, are not as strong as metal, but look completely natural. These types of crowns are ideal for treating cracked, chipped, or worn teeth at the front of your mouth, where chewing pressures are not quite as strong.

Treating the Underlying Issue

Some issues that can cause chips, cracks, and wear may continue to cause complications if they go untreated. These include issues such as poor tooth alignment and bruxism. Poor tooth alignment requires orthodontic treatment. By properly aligning teeth, bite pressures are evenly distributed, preventing too much force on certain teeth. This reduces the risk of tooth damage and excessive wear.

Bruxism, or tooth grinding and clenching, can be treated with several different types of treatments including night guards, Botox, orthodontics, and more. Treating the underlying issue can help to protect your teeth from serious harm. Treatment can also significantly improve your oral health and your quality of life.

With the right treatment, we can help to restore the appearance of chipped, cracked, or worn teeth, improving the quality of your smile. We'll use an intraoral camera to detect even the smallest issues. Treatment can also help to improve your oral health and your quality of life. For more information, call Platte Valley Dental Care today at (816)858-2027 for you or your child.

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Chipped, Cracked, & Worn Teeth | Platte Valley Dental Care
At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can help treat chipped, cracked, & worn teeth. To restore your smile and oral health, give us a call today! We are here to help!
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