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Dental Emergencies
Platte City, MO

When an emergency arises, it is easy to panic. You might not know what to do and can rush off to your nearest emergency room. The same can be said about dental emergencies. When you do not know how to handle a dental emergency, it can be scary. Many dental emergencies, however, do not require emergency room care. Many emergencies can be treated in the dental office, or even in the comfort of your own home. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, and are not sure of what to do, Platte Valley Dental Care can help.

Treating Dental Emergencies at Home

While dental emergencies can be scary, there are a few that can be handled at home without the need to go to the emergency room, or even come into the office. One such injury is a bitten lip, tongue, or cheek. These injuries, while painful, are rarely serious. If you are bleeding, apply a piece of damp gauze to the area and place gentle pressure to help clots form. If you are experiencing pain and swelling, an over-the-counter pain reliever or ice pack can help. Another type of emergency that can sometimes be handled at home is a toothache. While toothaches are often an indication of an infection, they can also occur if you have food or other debris stuck between your teeth. Before you call the office, thoroughly brush and floss your teeth, and then rinse with a salt water solution. If nothing comes out and the toothache persists, then you should call us right away.

Treating Dental Emergencies in the Office

We can handle a multitude of dental emergencies right here in our office. Common emergencies we handle include:
•  Toothaches. If your toothache persists after cleaning your mouth, or you are exhibiting other signs of an infection, it is important to be seen right away. If there is an infection inside of your tooth, we can remove it with a root canal, restoring the health and strength of the affected tooth.
•  Damaged teeth. Tooth damage, such as chips or cracks, affect the appearance of your smile and can also have a significant impact on your oral health. In most cases, damage can be treated with a dental crown. A crown is a cap of sorts that covers the entire visible surface area of your damaged tooth, restoring strength and health.
•  Partially dislodged teeth. If your teeth have been partially knocked out or partially knocked deeper into the sockets, we can reset them, securing them with a splint. Do not attempt to correct these issues yourself.
•  Avulsed teeth. Avulsed teeth are those that have come out of the socket completely, such as during a sports injury. In many cases, we can reset the tooth and secure it with a splint while the bone and periodontal ligaments heal. Just take care to clean the tooth and only handle it by the crown before your appointment. If the tooth cannot be reset, we can then discuss options for tooth replacement.

Time to Head to the Emergency Room

Even though we can handle just about any dental emergency that you may experience, there are some instances in which you should head straight to the emergency room. These situations include:
•  Excessive bleeding that does not stop after 15 minutes.
•  Severe swelling and pain.
•  Having difficulty breathing.
•  You think that you may have broken your jaw.

If you have any questions or concerns about dental emergencies or need to schedule an emergency appointment, call Platte Valley Dental Care today at (816)858-2027.

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency, and are not sure of what to do, Platte Valley Dental Care can help. Click here to learn more and give us a call!
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