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Invisalign For Adults
Platte City, MO

Woman putting in Invisalign at Platte Valley Dental Care in Platte City, MO. Many factors influence people's decision to use Invisalign aligners for orthodontics. It is superior to conventional metal braces and more convenient, more pleasant, and enables faster tooth recovery.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Have you given Invisalign for teeth straightening any thought? Get your Invisalign at Platte Valley Dental Care where Staci Blaha, DDS and Trent Blaha, DDS will give you your customized aligners. Along with being quick and affordable, Invisalign gives you a stunning smile and significantly increases self-confidence. Invisalign straightens your teeth by using clear aligners to shift them into the proper positions. The aligners are snug and gently exert pressure in the proper places in order to progressively achieve the desired effect. Modern computer imaging software is used to create these aligners, which are then meticulously fitted to each patient. There are usually numerous stages to the treatment process, each with its own set of trays.

You should wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours a day, except when you are eating and drinking, or brushing your teeth. For the teeth to shift somewhat, you just need to wear them for a few weeks. After the teeth have indeed been moved, you will get a new aligner meant to apply slightly greater pressure. Every aligner is worn for a few weeks before being replaced with a brand new one. The new aligner is akin to getting your braces tightened, so that more pressure is put on your teeth in the right direction.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Invisalign

When choosing Invisalign, there are a number of important factors to take into account. It is vital first to consider your own wants and objectives. For instance, some people may want a straight smile to feel more self-assured, while others might just want to fix minor alignment flaws to stop discomfort or additional harm. Invisalign treatment costs must also be taken into account because they can change based on your location and how complex your individual case is. Last but not least, it's crucial to pick a qualified dentist with a history of success using Invisalign and other related procedures. By keeping these factors in mind, anyone may locate the ideal Invisalign provider and have the stunning results they desire.

Who Qualifies For Invisalign?

You must fulfill certain requirements to qualify for Invisalign therapy. The initial prerequisites are being at least 13 years old and having all of your permanent teeth in place. The ideal case scenario would be if you were dedicated to upholding good oral hygiene habits during treatment and attending all required follow-up sessions with your dentist or orthodontist. A set of x-rays may also be necessary to establish whether Invisalign therapy is right for you, especially if you have advanced dental issues such as severe misalignment or overcrowding.

Overall, the Invisalign treatment aims to give patients a healthy, attractive smile by employing clear, comfortable aligners that are almost invisible. Therefore, if you're thinking about getting braces and want something more covert than conventional metal braces, consult with our highly skilled orthodontists, Staci Blaha, DDS and Trent Blaha, DDS, to determine whether Invisalign would be a good option for you. For more info on how Invisalign works and and to schedule an appointment, call today at (816)858-2027.
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Get your Invisalign at Platte Valley Dental Care where Staci Blaha, DDS and Trent Blaha, DDS will give you your customized aligners. Learn more here!
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